About Me

Something about myself

Who am I?

Hello, my name is Joël van der Weide and I am 24 years old. I come from the beautiful town of Best in the Netherlands. I am a passionate Taekwondo practitioner and have been practicing this sport for about 18 years, participating in international competitions for over 15 years. I love sharing my knowledge and experiences with others. On this website, I want to share my expertise with you and inspire you to bring out the best in yourself. Whether it’s tips and tricks in Taekwondo (Poomsae), lifestyle, self-defense, sharing my personal stories, or providing motivation and inspiration, I am always ready to help. I believe that everyone has the potential to achieve their dreams, and I hope to have a positive impact on you with my contribution. So, let’s embark on this beautiful adventure together!

Taekwondo and I

I have been practicing Taekwondo since I was 6 years old. From the age of 9, I started participating in international competitions and transitioned from Sportschool Dekkers to Taekwondo School Tapia. At the age of 10, I earned my black belt and began participating in international competitions in the Poomsae discipline. At the age of 13, I attended the European Championships for the first time and won European gold. Over the years, I can now say that I have numerous international gold medals to my name, including 6 European titles. I have also participated in the World Championships several times, finishing fifth in the world five times. My dream is to one day achieve a world medal and place the Netherlands on the highest podium in this sport!

My Educations

With pride, I reflect on my educational journey, marked by my passion for sports and physical activity. My educational background includes the successful completion of a Vocational Education and Training (Mbo) program in Sports & Exercise, followed by a continuation at the Higher Professional Education (Hbo) level with the Sports Science program.

My journey began with a Vocational Education and Training program at SUMMA College, where I immersed myself in the world of sports and physical activity. During my Sports & Exercise program, I not only honed my physical skills but also expanded my understanding of the broader aspects of the sports industry. I learned to view sports not just as a physical activity but as an essential component of health, well-being, and community building. The Vocational Education and Training program provided me with a solid foundation in the practical application of sports, including developing and leading exercise programs, organizing sports events, and teaching individuals and groups.

Upon completing this program, I decided to continue my educational journey at the Higher Professional Education level with the Sports Science program at Fontys SportHogeschool. This advanced program allowed me to deepen and broaden my knowledge. I delved into sports management, policy-making, and the scientific background of sports and exercise. My perspective expanded with courses focusing on the sociological, psychological, and health-related aspects of sports. I also learned to guide and communicate with diverse target groups.

During my Higher Professional Education program, I not only sharpened my academic skills but also learned to convey my passion and knowledge to others. Whether it was organizing sports events, drafting policy plans for sports organizations, or guiding individuals toward an active lifestyle, I applied and developed my skills in various areas of the sports sector.

As a graduate of both the Vocational Education and Training program in Sports & Exercise and the Higher Professional Education program in Sports Science, I consider myself a well-rounded professional with both practical and theoretical knowledge in the field of sports and exercise. My education has not only strengthened my passion for sports but has also equipped me with the tools to make a difference in this dynamic and impactful sector. I look forward to applying my acquired knowledge and experience to contribute to the further development of the sports community.